Made of Polyester, Fire Retardant (FR).
Standard Width of 300 cm. Approx. 90 m per roll.
Stretch - White
Stretch, White
Stretch - Black
Stretch, Black
Stretch - Silver
Stretch, Silver


When your application does not require flame retardant fabric, traditional NFR Spandex has the most stretch you can get.
This can be Flame Retardant treated.
Standard Width of 150 cm. Approx. 40 m per roll.
Spandex - Black
Spandex, Black
Spandex - Orange
Spandex, Orange
Spandex - Royal
Spandex, Royal
Spandex - Yellow
Spandex, Yellow
Spandex Mesh - Royal
Spandex Mesh, Royal
Spandex - Emerald Green
Spandex, Emerald Green
Spandex - Purple
Spandex, Purple
Spandex - Silver
Spandex, Silver
Spandex Mesh - Black
Spandex Mesh, Black
Spandex Mesh - Silver
Spandex Mesh, Silver
Spandex - Fuchsia
Spandex, Fuschia
Spandex - Red
Spandex, Red
Spandex - Turquoise
Spandex, Turquoise
Spandex Mesh - Purple
Spandex Mesh, Purple
Spandex Mesh - White
Spandex Mesh, White